Qualification Protocol for CFA Grant Award Candidate(s)

In keeping with the CFA mission to honor Christina Ruth’s legacy as a caregiver, the CFA Charity’s annual award is dedicated to nurses and candidates who wish to become nurses, in ways that measurably grow their caregiving skills and knowledge for the benefit of their patients. The CFA Charity’s annual awards program is held in conjunction with a charity golf tournament held to provide financial resources to the CFA. Awards are presented to qualified individual candidates (Category I), or to assist nurses in a group setting (Category II).  Although no means test is applied to Category I applications, prospective candidates that are in financial need may make note of this in their application. The CFA award(s) celebrate the unsung heroes working in the nursing profession by providing them with funding to assist with their education and training, and in the case of Category II, to further improve and support nursing at the department level. Examples of Category II candidates are a Nurse Manager or Nurse Director, who seek grant monies earmarked to the department they oversee. The CFA award(s) are granted on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.

Category I and II candidates should submit applications between January 1st and July 15th, 2020.

Category I: Prospective CFA Category I applications must meet the following guidelines to apply:

-Experience as a hospital volunteer, nurse’s aide, certified nursing assistant, personal care technician, personal care attendant, or R.N. 

-Be enrolling or enrolled into a nursing college

Click Here for Category I Application Form

Category II: Prospective CFA Category II applications must meet one of the following guidelines to apply:

-Hospital/Medical department needs funding to purchase equipment and/or training aids or tools that will improve and optimize critical care services provided by nurses to their patients

-Hospital/Medical department needs funding for in-house medical training for nurses

-Hospital/Medical department needs funding to allay costs of sending nurses to attend medical courses or workshops conducted by third parties not affiliated with the hospital

Click Here for Category II Application Form