Caring for Angels Charity


cropped-Christina-Ruth1.jpgChristina Ruth was an exceptional nurse committed to providing the best care possible to critically ill newborn infants through her inspiration, integrity, teamwork, and vigilance. Her nursing career spanned the best teaching and acute-care hospitals in Europe, Canada and the USA. Her passion for nursing extended to the patient, the patient’s family, and the medical and support team that worked by her side. The origin of the Charity’s mission reflect Christina’s life as a caregiver, and her love of nursing, and especially how she cared for her caregivers (her “Angels”) at the end of her life while a patient in hospital or in hospice home care. As noted in her obituary, Christina advised “her caregivers on best practices for her care, and encouraged them to “advance their medical careers.” She also sought to engage “with her NICU peers and former patient families, and her extensive network to channel attention to medical challenges she or others faced.” The Caring for Angels Charity is a charitable Trust established to honor Christina’s memory. Charity funds will be allocated annually to qualified recipients in the fall, beginning in 2016.

Mission Statement

The Caring for Angels Charity promotes and recognizes the quality of care that nurses provide by enhancing their specialized care-giving skills, and facilitating an increased knowledge base to improve care for the patient, the patient families, the “medical stakeholders,” and ultimately their nursing family.

Caring for Angels Charity is committed to assisting qualified candidates who wish to become nurses, and in addition, grant practical resources and tools to support the growth of the nursing profession through educational, technical, communication, and inter-team initiatives.  Thus, advancing health care for the “Angels” of today, and tomorrow!

The “Trustee Board”:

Michelle Crocker, RN, BSN
Kerri Duggan, RN, BSN
Janine Levantian, RN, MSN
Kathleen Murphy, DNP, PNP-BC
Gerard Ruth